Princeton Place residents,

The Princeton Place carports have been a topic of concern by our owners for several years.

In surveys  conducted by the PPPOA Board, our carports have consistently been one of the top concerns of our owners.

The consensus is that the color and design make the whole development look rather down-at- the – heels.

Additionally, the carports have now begun to deteriorate with holes in some roof panels and structural beams rusting out.

The Board had an engineering firm inspect the carports, and their finding was that they are nearing the end of their life. Click here to view TRC Engineering Report for further details.

The Board has looked at several options to ameliorate this situation from simply repairing them to replacing them.

One complicating factor is that the design of our carports does not meet the current Collier County Codes; primary because of their inadequate hurricane resistance.

Some repairs could be made, but some of the needed repairs will require a permit which then requires them be replaced with new ones that meet Code.

The question then becomes do we replace them building by building over some period or replace them all at the same time?

If we replace them over some period, the Code may again change and require a different design and the costs will probably increase due to inflation.

The Board is exploring various carport designs and producing a site plan that will allow accurate estimates of the best designs and costs.

This process will take some time and when concluded it will be presented to our owners for their review and approval.

The Board will continue to update our owners on our progress.

 PPPOA Board of Directors